"Snowy Hydro has benefitted through numerous engineers new to hydropower participating in the Hydropower Technology Courses. These Courses have enabled experienced engineers from other industries as well as recent graduates to rapidly gain a solid understanding of the principles, practices and practicalities of hydropower engineering that would otherwise take years to accumulate (if ever!). It is important that this understanding is imparted by experienced practitioners, hence Snowy Hydro plans to continue our long-term relationship with Hydropower Engineering."

Ken Lister
Executive Officer Engineering & Projects
Snowy Hydro Ltd

"Hydropower Engineering is a small but very professional hydropower consulting company, which we engaged for the Eildon Power Station Governor Upgrade Project in Victoria, through to the specification, tender evaluation and commissioning tests. The service received matched the high level of expertise Hydropower Engineering is known for in the Australasia hydropower industry, in terms of technological know-how, quality, timeliness and efficiency."

Chris Mann
Managing Director
Mechanical Technology Ltd

"Hydropower Engineering have brought "world-class" expertise in mechanical and electrical aspects of dam safety to partner Damwatch in more than ten comprehensive dam safety reviews of major hydro assets in several countries.

At Damwatch we have a huge respect for Hydropower Engineering's expertise in power station equipment, working closely with them on new hydro opportunities."

Peter Amos
Managing Director
Damwatch Services Ltd

“BC Hydro approached Hydropower Engineering to develop an in-depth, comprehensive course focused on mechanical engineering aspects of hydropower. Giuseppe and Joachim took the time to listen to our needs and collaborated with us in an iterative manner to develop a course tailored to our needs. They drew upon their deep backgrounds in the hydroelectric industry, and the fifty-plus general hydropower courses they have previously delivered. 

We held the first course in August 2018, and it proved so successful and popular that we have since held it three more times. Our participants often comment that the Hydropower course is the best technical training they have ever received, and we find it has been valuable for new graduates to principal engineers and everyone in between. We have provided the training to our technical staff of mechanical, electrical, and civil disciplines working in design, commissioning, operations, maintenance, asset management, and dam safety. 

Giuseppe’s presentations meld engineering theory with over fifty-five years of practical engineering experience. His passion for hydropower and enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing is unmatched. Joachim is a gifted lecturer with an ability to explain complex subjects in a clear, understandable manner. They are both practicing engineers who have “been there and done that” and relate well to our technical staff.  We ask them a lot of hard questions but have yet to stump them!

I am confident that BC Hydro will continue our association with Hydropower Engineering in the future, and I would recommend them to other utilities, consultants, and organizations with an interest in hydropower.”

Tim Le Couteur, P.Eng., M.Eng.
Engineering Division Manager
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority,

"Hydropower Engineering have been used as Mechanical and Electrical reviewers for a number of MRP structures and have provided invaluable insights for the continuing improvement of our Dam Safety Assurance Scheme."

Justin HowesCivil Engineer
Mighty River Power Ltd

"Hydropower Engineering has had a long association with Mighty River Power through providing technical services in a highly competent and professional manner. Of particular note have been detailed engineering studies completed by Hydropower Engineering for power station enhancement opportunities for the Waikato hydro scheme and an effectiveness and reliability study completed for intake screen cleaning systems. Both studies provided valuable engineering analysis and recommendations."

Graeme Hill
Engineering Manager
Mighty River Power Ltd

"Over the last 11 years Hydropower Engineering has provided Mighty River Power Ltd with prompt, competent service relating to our hydro turbine governors on the Waikato River, including the following examples;

- Peformance testing/tuning/reporting w.r.t. Electricity Governance Rules Criteria.- Design and installation of retrofit two-speed closing.- Commissioning of close control equipment on mechanical actuators.- Investigation/trouble-shooting/reporting on plant failures/incident.- Providing recommendations for routine and diagnostic testing.

We value highly our working relationship and look forward to future opportunities to benefit from Hydropower Engineering’s extensive expertise."

A. J. (Tony) Cserney
Governor Engineer
Mighty River Power Ltd

"Hydropower Engineering have an unlimited passion for hydro. In their involvement in the independent Dam Safety reviews of Meridian's Waitaki Valley hydro assets, among the values they brought were a vast wealth of engineering expertise, together with an ‘owner’s perspective’ that few consultancies have the experience to provide. This results in very high quality focused advice, invariably delivered on time."

Jim Walker
Senior Engineer - Civil & Dam Safety
Meridian Energy Ltd

"Hydropower Engineering have undertaken a wide variety of assignments for Meridian over the years, and from my perspective I have relied on a number of occasions on the mechanical and electrical hydropower technical expertise that Joe Pott and Jo Grilli from Hydropower Engineering offer to provide technical advice, carry out feasibility studies, undertake engineering reviews, undertake investigations, and scope, manage and carry out on-site testing. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Asia Pacific region with the depth and breadth of hydropower engineering skills and experience that these guys can provide.

The flexibility that Joe and Jo have in working with you to work out the best way for them to assist in a project is also one of the many attributes that makes them excellent to work with.

I would have no qualms in recommending Hydropower Engineering to other hydroelectric owners or hydro Asset Managers if they are looking for hydropower technical assistance."

Malcolm Preston
Strategic Engineer - Asset Management Team
Meridian Energy Ltd

"From 1999, when Genesis Power Limited (trading as Genesis Energy) became a State Owned Enterprise and was placed in competition with other generating companies, Hydropower Engineering has provided us with a specialist engineering consultancy service that is unavailable ‘in-house’. This speciality relates to, but is not limited to, hydro governor and automatic voltage regulation systems.

Also attributable to Hydropower Engineering is the understanding that through their extensive experience and expertise in all facets of the hydro power generating business; they are often the ‘first port of call’ when expert advice or specialist investigations and designs are required.

Hydropower Engineering also provides internationally recognised Hydropower Technology and Governor System training courses aimed at new recruits into the hydro power industry – Genesis Energy fully supports these training initiatives.

Hydropower Engineering has brought "world-class" expertise in the mechanical and electrical aspects of hydro generation systems and safety that Genesis Energy highly respects. We at Genesis Energy highly value our working relationship with Hydropower Engineering and look forward to working with them whenever the opportunity arises."

Ian Meredith
Renewable Energy Engineering Manager
Genesis Energy Ltd

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