Turbine Hydraulic Model Test Witnessing

  • Francis turbines (all vertical): turbine upgrades for Manapouri PS, Ohakuri PS, Murray I PS, Aratiatia PS, Tekapo B PS, Gordon PS, Matahina PS, Lemonthyme PS, Snowy 2.0 hydro development (high head reversible pump-turbine)
  • Kaplan turbines: Karapiro unit replacement (vertical Kaplan), Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon development (horizontal bulb bi-directional pump-turbines)
  • Pelton turbines: Poatina turbine upgrade (vertical Pelton)

IMHEF Model Test Stand
Gordon Model Test

  During the past 11 years Hydropower Engineering has provided Mighty River Power Ltd with prompt, competent service relating to our hydro turbine governors on the Waikato River We value highly our working relationship and look forward to future opportunities to benefit from Hydropower Engineering’s extensive expertise.  

Tony Cserney
Governor Engineer
Mighty River Power Ltd

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