Hydro Development Studies

  • Chairing of the Review Board for the Karebbe dam development (Client: PT Inco)
  • Assistance with M&E aspects for pre-feasibility assessment of new hydro development
  • Assistance with preparation of development strategy for Tekapo Chain hydro assets (Client: Meridian Energy)
  • Performance enhancement study for Waikato Power Stations (Client: Mighty River Power)
  • Pine Gully micro-hydro development (Client: Gippsland Water Factory / Victoria)
  • Governor upgrading development review: Poatina Power Station (Client: Hydro Tasmania)
  • Generator upgrading study: Tekapo A Power Station (Client: Meridian Energy)
  • Technical advisor for development of the planned 320MW Swansea Bay Tidal PS. The scheme was to comprise 16x 7.2m diameter variable speed bulb turbines, operating in turbining, reverse turbining, pumping and reverse pumping as well as sluicing modes. Involvement over a 3-year period included a wide range of aspects, including tender evaluations, definition of performance guarantees, contract negotiations, turbine and powerhouse hydraulics, energy modelling, negotiations with M&E equipment suppliers, technical reviews, O&M planning, etc. (Client: Tidal Lagoon Power, UK)
  • Technical advisor for development of the planned 35MW Pukaki power development (client: Meridian Energy)
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Colbun Hydro

Colbún p.s. (Colbún S.A.)

  During the past 11 years Hydropower Engineering has provided Mighty River Power Ltd with prompt, competent service relating to our hydro turbine governors on the Waikato River We value highly our working relationship and look forward to future opportunities to benefit from Hydropower Engineering’s extensive expertise.  

Tony Cserney
Governor Engineer
Mighty River Power Ltd

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